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Multi-function Home Care Monitor with SMS Alerts

Caring for older family members

Check that Mum, Dad, Granddad (or Bron) or any relative that lives independently is going about their daily routine. If they are unwell or have had a fall, SeNCit will send you a SMS text message so you can help. SeNCit also checks the room temperature, mains power, night time wandering, door wandering and security and alerts you by SMS if any problems occur.
New Zealanders are living longer than ever before. Many of us will at some point need more involved support and care from our children or other family members. While some of us may need to move into residential care, many just need just require little assistance and/or close monitoring to continue living in our own homes, some may need to move to a smaller home.

Valuing and respecting our older people

Our older family members have cared for and raised us, and they deserve our respect. Showing older people that you value them can be as simple as listening to them talk about their experiences. Often all it takes is a little time.  And the older person isn’t the only one who benefits – we can learn a lot from people who’ve been around longer than us!
Society is already struggling enormously with caring for the growing elderly population and recent budget cuts look set to make the problem worse with Care Home closures and over-burdened hospitals. Society must find new solutions and fast to prevent suffering in future.  An obvious solution would be to find further cost-effective ways of enabling our elderly to stay safely in their own homes for longer.  As most of our elderly generation would wish for this anyway, it seems a good avenue to explore.
There are many care monitoring devices on the market already that help lone individuals raise an alarm when they need help i.e. the widely used panic pendant or wrist band that report back to a call centre who then in turn report to carers to respond. However, these can have some major drawbacks.  The most obvious is that an elderly or vulnerable individual, by the nature of their condition, often has difficulty remembering to wear such devices, they lose them or they object to wearing such a ‘badge of frailty’. Not only this, for some, at the time of needing to ‘press the button’, they may be too unwell to do so.   As such, whilst such a device may bring peace of mind to relatives, they may not be a complete enough solution to ensure help is always on its way. 
With these important issues in mind, we have designed the SeNCit – a multi-function care monitoring device that monitors passively (requiring no input from the individual) and reports back directly to carers and relatives via text message.
 Now for the cost of a text message you can keep a discrete check  via your mobile phone.
“We have a dedicated website for this product and are looking for partners to promote and sell SeNCit. The elderly population in the NZ will be 1.18 Million by 2050 and the cost of care is increasing.  290,000 will be over the age of 85”.